Lesson Packages

By making a lesson purchase, you agree to the following. - All lessons must be used/completed within 6 months of purchase date. If the student does not complete their lessons within the 6 month time period, lessons are subject to be forfeited.

1 v. 1 Personal Lessons:

In the lessons you will learn the key common denominators that all great players have! A fundamental grip, stance, and ball position. These have to be within certain parameters.

I subscribe to the teaching method that best works for you and your body type. Flexibility, strength, and eye hand coordination play important roles in how you will best be able to swing.

Whether you are close or far away I have a plan for you! In my video section I have content that will address your individual needs. You will be able to purchase these videos and keep them to go over when needed. Also I have lesson packages that I can personalize for you in person. Click here to see a short clip of one of my personal lessons.


Virtual Golf Lessons:

What you will receive

  1. A comprehensive and professional swing breakdown, identify major problems areas and where we can make the most improvement.
  2. Comparison of your swing against PGA or LPGA touring professionals with a similar body build.
  3. Voice audio overlay detailing the positive areas of your swing as well as the areas where we can make the largest improvements.
  4. Will use visual training aids to explain and illustrate your problems areas and where we can make greatest enhancements. Also, I will use videos of PGA touring pros in order to help illustrate my teaching points. (a VERY useful tool).
  5. A written plan of attack for each video lesson specifically customized for you(a Step by step guide).
  6. A customized golf drill video created just for you that addresses your major trouble areas of your swing.